Nelly Berman Classical Music Institute Family, Friends and Classical Music Advocates,

Welcome to 2021! In this time of uncertainty, we remain steadfast in supporting our mission to engage with gifted and diligent students through our merit based-based scholarship program, orchestrate student chamber groups and music ensembles and present high high-level classical concerts, masterclasses, and workshops to promote classical music education and support the greater Philadelphia community.

We accomplished a great deal last year and are in the planning stages for many engaging programs and events in 2021, but none of it can be achieved without the passion and commitment of our leadership team. It is with pride and excitement that I present the new Leadership Team for the 2021-2022 term.

I’d like to once again thank our outgoing board members who passionately served for the past years and look forward to their continued support. To kick-off the year, we’d love to invite you to join us in celebrating Founder’s Day July 21 3:00pm EST at Nelly Berman Music School of Music to celebrate and honor our late Founder and Director Emeritus Nelly Berman’s legacy and lifelong passion. Please stay tuned for more info on our upcoming events as Nelly Berman Classical Music Institute continues to make a lasting impact in our local community and continue to be a powerful resource supporting classical music education.

It’s an honor to continue serving as the chair of the board and I look forward to the road ahead.

Helen Xing

Chair of the Board

Nelly Berman Classical Music Institute