The Nelly Berman School of Music offers a unique opportunity for piano students of all ages and professional levels to play harpsichord. This keyboard instrument is a predecessor of piano and was widely used in Baroque music. Many compositions by Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti, which are now frequently performed on piano, were originally written for the harpsichord. Students who practice harpsichord learn stylistic types of articulation and ornaments. By playing harpsichord, they improve piano technique, as Baroque music has a complicated combination of both right and left hand. All harpsichord students have the opportunity to perform on an NBS Harpsichord Concert Series each semester, as well as a summer camp week in 2019. The instrument used for lessons is a French-style single-manual harpsichord.  The lessons are taught by a pianist and harpsichordist, Dr. Anna Kislitsyna. Taking harpsichord lessons does not require purchasing any additional equipment. All harpsichord repertoire can be learned on piano, and then rehearsed on the harpsichord during the lessons.