NBS Classical Music Institute

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Wang-Hsu, PhD, President

Ella Vuernick, Treasurer

Janene Mont Louis, Secretary

Thomas Alberici

Dominique Reiff

Brian Satterfield

Executive Staff

Elena Berman, Executive Director

Stefanie Yeung, Associate Director

The Nelly Berman School is a music conservatory located in the heart of Haverford, PA. As the school has become larger and its reputation has spread, we have attracted students with a broader range of backgrounds. We offer musically gifted students, from any and every background, the chance to fulfill their musical potential by offering the chance to audition for scholarships towards a serious curriculum of study, which includes two lessons a week, chamber music, and expects students to achieve their highest potential with extensive practicing.

There has always been a concerted effort in the school to accommodate gifted students with limited financial means. Individual teachers have benevolently given supplementary lesson gratis and partial scholarships have been awarded to the extent that school solvency permits.

In 1995, the parents of the Nelly Berman School of Music recognized the need to provide the funds to support both supplementary lesson requirements and chamber group participation, especially for non-piano students. They founded the nonprofit NBS Classical Music Institute to fill this need.

The NBS Classical Music Institute is governed by a Board of Directors whose duty it is to raise the necessary funds to support its mission through grants, fundraising concerts, and other fundraising activities such as direct solicitation from our families, auctions, concerts, and galas.

The NBS Classical Music Institute also supports an active community outreach program with performances at local institutions, such as schools, libraries, art galleries, museums and nursing homes, thereby bringing high-level classical music concerts to the local community.

Dr. Elizabeth Wang-Hsu, President of the Board