Torsten Fras

Congratulations to Torsten Fras, student of Dr. Anna Kislitsyna, on his Gold Medal win at the London Young Musician Competition! This international competition highlights talented musicians with excellent skills, strong personalities, and extraordinary creativity. He also recently won the II Prize at the International Moscow Music Competition performing C.P.E. Bach Harpsichord Sonata.

Congratulations to Alyssa Gabrilovich, student of Igor Resnianski, who won a Silver Medal and $2000 at The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s 2021 Young Artist Competition in Washington state. Alyssa also won Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra Competition in October.

Yoni Gartenberg
Kat Kat Moore

We would also like to congratulate Kat Kat Moore (student of Irina Rostomashvili), Sahara Stewart (student of Tanya Ivanova), Shloka Bhattacharyya (student of Tanya Ivanova), Shalika Bhattacharyya (student of Jacques-Pierre Malan), Grace Lu (student of Tanya Ivanova), Yoni Gartenberg (student of Tanya Ivanova), Sanjay Srinivasan (student of Nina Zubaidi), Maya Srinivasan (student of Irina Rostomashvili and Nina Zubaidi), and Priya Srinivasan (student of Jacques-Pierre Malan) for their acceptance to PYO Prysm Strings for the 2021-2022 Season! In addition, Aanya Srinivasan (student of Jacques-Pierre Malan) was accepted to PYO PRYSM Young Artists this year! 

Sahara Stewart
Shalika Bhattacharyya

Additionally, Shloka Bhattacharyya had the opportunity to attend the Music and Mindfulness Summer Camp through PYO on full scholarship!

Dr. Anna Kislitsyna’s students Anushka Chakraborty, Paco Romano, Emma D’Erasmo, Kaylee Zang, Chloe Chen and Catherine Zaifirou all took first place at the Triumph Music Festival! Benjamin Vuernick (student of Igor Resnianski), Andrew Li (student of Marianna Prjevalskaya and Elena Berman), Abigail Vuernick (student of Irina Rostomashvili) and Melina Intzes (student of Elena Berman) also took part in the competition!

Chloe Chen

Congratulations to Ian Hsu (student of Joe Dvorak) who will be joining the Philadelphia Sinfonia Players and Ben Qu (Student of Ronaldo Rolim and Elena Berman) who will be singing with the Philadelphia Boys Choir! Also, Great job Jaydon Ullasam for being invited to the Advanced Cadet Group in the Philadelphia Boys Choir!

Theo Silas (student of Frank Stroble) auditioned for and was awarded a position in the Delaware County Youth Orchestra! 

The following students took part in the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival in October and received superior marks: Roy Cai, Joshua Cao, Sophia Cui, Eric He, Anastasia Kudin, Neo Wang, and George Zhang!

Congratulations to Jaden Tan (student of Natalia Varlashova) for winning II Prize at the International Art Contest “Adria Art Fest Slovenia 2021!” 

And Congratulations to Oviya Ignaci (student of Nathaniel McEwan and Olga Mogilevsky) for her acceptance to the Philadelphia Girls Choir, Concerto Group – Soprano 1