The Nelly Berman School of Music is proud to be one of the few community music schools in the United States to have a unique music technique program in our curriculum and program offerings.

This program is based on the education that our Russian-trained teachers have themselves received, which includes rigorous training of having biannual juries with studies, scales, arpeggios, and more. Our students will now carry on the traditions of this special training!

Spring 2020 marked our inaugural semester of this program – and we’re proud to say that 40 students participated! This semester, we are proud to invite clarinet and oboe students to participate as well as our piano, violin, and cello students!

Registration is now open; all registrations are due by 8PM on Friday, September 25th.

The video submission portal will open on Monday, September 28th. All submissions are due by 2PM on Saturday, October 17th.


  • Please visit for the full scales and studies requirements.
  • Students need not submit all required studies (scales) for that level at once. They can spread out their submission of studies (and scales for strings students) and audition over multiple semesters. Students are also allowed to mix different levels in one submission, as long as they complete each individual level before moving on to even a higher level.
  • Each student will receive a score based on technical skill and musicality for each study (and scales for string and wind students) that they submit, as well as comments/feedback from the judges.