We are very excited to congratulate and present the participants in our first bi-annual piano and strings Music Technique Skills-Building Competition, judged by NBS faculty members Dr. Anna Kislitsyna (piano), Elliot Mallard (strings), Dr. Igor Resnianski (piano), and Irina Schuck (strings).

The Nelly Berman School is proud to be one of the few community music schools in the United States to have a unique program like this in our curriculum and program offerings. We hope that this new program will become a vital educational experience for the NBS students. All of our Russian-trained teachers have themselves gone through the rigorous training of having biannual juries with studies, scales, arpeggios, and more, and our students will now carry on the traditions of this special training!

The Music Technique Skills-Building Program is open and encouraged for all NBS students. Our next evaluative competition will be in October 2020. If you are interested in taking part, please visit our program page to learn more.

The following students received PLATINUM scores (25/25 for piano; 30/30 for strings) on at least one of their submissions:

*received Platinum on EVERY submitted scale & study

The following students received GOLD scores (21+/25 for piano; 25+/30 for strings) on at least one of their submissions:


For a full list of competitors, please click below: