Trombone Faculty
Alejandro Espinosa, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been playing tenor and bass trombone for over 15 years. When he was nine, his family immigrated to New York City. Nourished by the city’s rich and diverse musical culture, Alejandro gained substantial performance experience in all types of music.

He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music from the City College of New York, and a Master of Music degree from New York University.  Some of his trombone teachers include Wycliff Gordon, Marshall Gilkes, Michael Dease, David Taylor, Denson Pollard, and Alan Ferber.

Alejandro has performed with, composed for, and arranged for orchestra, salsa band, big band, and small jazz ensemble. He has also had the pleasure to perform and record with many great artists such as Chris Potter, Lenny Pickett, David Pietro, Rich Shemaria, Michael Rodriguez, and Alex Sipiagin.

Alejandro is a dedicated and passionate teacher. His students, finding success with his teaching methods, are motivated and inspired by him. Alejandro has been teaching at the Nelly Berman School of Music since 2019.