Practice-A-Thon November 2022 (Scholarship Fundraiser)

Why YOU Should Join the November 2022 Practice-A-Thon:

What is Practice-A-Thon? Practice-A-Thon is a unique scholarship fundraiser that allows students to perfect their playing and help other students while doing so!

P-A-T Supports Our Scholarship Program: Practice-A-Thon Participants will get pledges (friends, family, local businesses, etc.) to sponsor their practice time either by a flat rate or on an amount-per-minute basis. From Nov. 7 to Nov. 28, participants will record their daily practice time in their log sheet. Then it is time to collect pledge donations for all of their hard work! All proceeds will go towards our merit and financially-based scholarship program, which supports 30% of our student body.

Practice for Prizes! After the three weeks of practicing, P-A-T Participants will turn in their packets to the NBS Office by Dec. 5 to see if they are eligible for prizes! Participants will be divided into eight groups based on their age and instrument. (See the packet for the group divisions.) The top two students with the most practice time from each of these groups (as well as the overall top fundraiser) will receive a prize! See the list of prizes at the bottom of the page.

Prepare for Upcoming Competitions & Concerts! Practice-A-Thon is a great opportunity to perfect a piece for upcoming events like the Rising Stars Concerts and the Celebration of the Arts Competition! Give back to the NBS community while pushing yourself to the practice limit. Sign up by November 4.

Practice-A-Thon Prizes

Thank you to our generous donors!