Celebration of the Arts 2022 – Competition Information


All students ages 6-18, in piano, harpsichord, strings, winds, brass, voice, duets (four-hand & two-piano), and chamber groups/ensembles who were nominated by their teachers to compete are eligible to enter this competition. Students may enter more than one instrumental division.

Application Procedure

CLICK HERE TO APPLY! The deadline for online applications is 8:00pm on Friday, February 11.

Application form: Applications must be submitted online. The application form should include acknowledgement that payment (check) was sent via mail or given to the office. Please make checks payable to NBSCMI.

We also require submission via email of the following supporting materials:

  • Short biography of contestant (in txt., doc., or docx. format)
  • A legible scan of the score with pages in the correct order in PDF format
  • If applicable, cuts must be clearly marked in the music
  • The application fee is non-refundable even if the contestant withdraws from the competition.

Click Here To Apply!

Guidelines:  Only one piece per contestant from Baroque to Modern period. Concertos are allowed, but will require an accompanist. For soloists, the chosen piece must be memorized; however, chamber groups can use a music score. The chosen piece must not be more than 5 minutes in length. As a reminder, piano accompaniment is REQUIRED if the piece is written with accompaniment.


SOLO Application Fees:
$85 adjudication fee for one instrument

$60 for a second instrument if applicable

CHAMBER Application Fees:
$45 adjudication fee for each duet/ensemble member

For instrumentalists, a $135 Accompanist fee includes two 30 minute rehearsals, the live audition at NBS, and the winners’ performance in March.
*Music scores for accompaniment must be collated together and must be given to the office by February 19, 2022. Accompanist fees are also due at this time.

Live Audition: The Auditions will take place at 10:00am on Saturday, March 5 (for STRING instruments) or Sunday, March 6 (for PIANO and all other instruments.)
Students needing accompanists for the live auditions will need to schedule a rehearsal with the accompanist before March 5; a separate charge will be incurred.

Winners’ Concerts
All competitors will be placed in a live concert, which will take place at Neumann University on March 19th and 20th.

Prize Divisions
Students will be awarded either Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Certificates will be given to each performer and teachers.
There will be a $25 cash prize for the top performer in the following instrument and age categories, at the Platinum level:

Piano 7-9
Piano 10-13
Piano 14-18
Violin 7-9
Violin 10-13
Violin 14-18
Cello 7-9
Cello 10-13
Cello 14-18
Winds and Brass all ages
Voice all ages

The top chamber music ensemble will receive a $15 prize for each participant.

One of the primary goals of our competition is education through allowing students to uncover their natural talents in music, learn new repertoire, to polish it to a high level, learn to manage time, practice productively, develop poise under pressure, and cultivate a unique creative voice.

Questions regarding any aspect of the competition should be addressed to office@nbsmusic.com.