Online Programs

The Nelly Berman School of Music offers a number of online music programs.

According to our teachers who have been teaching online for years, there are many benefits to online individual lessons, including:

  • Lessons can be recorded and students see their own posture and hands on the screen, which allows them to correct it better.
  • Recording and listening back allows students to hear themselves from an audience perspective – they’ll hear the incorrect phrasings, issues with balance and tone, and will be able to refine their pieces, and give themselves suggestions, as they do to others in performance classes. 

If you are an orchestra, band, or vocal ensemble student who would like to use this time to improve your music skills, our teachers are available to help! Please contact us for availability and pricing at

The Nelly Berman School of Music holds bi-monthly online performance classes via Zoom – Saturdays at 3PM!

  • All Nelly Berman School of Music students are welcome and encouraged to participate. Students sign up via the emailed Sign-Up Genius link. Class size is limited to 8 performers.
  • All performance classes are led by school director Elena Berman; classes with 3-4 strings/winds & brass participants will also feature feedback provided by one of our strings/winds & brass faculty members.
  • Students can either perform live at the school (following social distancing guidelines), perform live on Zoom, or prerecord a video and screen-share it with their fellow students.
  • All pieces written with accompaniment are required to be performed with accompaniment; you can either set up a live accompaniment rehearsal through the office or order an accompaniment recording – please contact us at
  • You can also join our private Facebook group, upload your child’s video to the group (only viewable to group members), listen to other students, and leave (kind and constructive) comments on others’ videos.

The Nelly Berman School of Music has also created a music technique program, culminating in the bi-annual online “Music Technique Skills-Building Competition,” currently open to piano, violin, cello, clarinet, and oboe students, ages 5 and up.

Teachers of participating students will assign the suggested studies for each of the skill levels listed below. The students need not record studies for all required skills at once. They can spread out their submission of studies (and scales for strings students) and audition over multiple semesters. Each student will receive a score based on technical skill and musicality for each study (and scales for string students) that they submit. Students will gain a clear understanding of what it takes to move up a level and what kind of repertoire, upon completing their level, they will be able to perform successfully. 

The top three scores and two honorable mentions will be listed on the NBS website, and the top five audition videos will be streamed on our website. Students who complete the Artist Level will be put on the NBS Wall of Fame and represent NBS at an annual award winners’ Gala Concert.

Click here to learn more about our Music Technique Skills-Building Program.

  • “Practice-a-Thon” Practice Challenge
    • All interested students can participate in our January Practice-a-thon; students 10 and up will track their practice hours for 3 weeks, and students 9 and under will track their practice hours for 2 weeks.
    • The top fundraisers and students who submit the most number of hours practiced will receive prizes!

While lessons move online, the Nelly Berman School of Music will be offering recording audio files of accompaniment parts by our accompanists, Elvira and Yanzhima.

These accompaniment recordings can be used by students to aid their practice at home. In Russia, all strings, winds, brass, and voice teachers had an accompanist present at all lessons; students would rehearse with accompaniment, hear how the piece was written, and hear themselves as a melody in a larger harmonic structure, instead of as a single line.
Though the experience differs from the work that an accompanist does with a student in in-person accompaniment rehearsals, where the student learns how to perform with another person, give and receive cues, and feel the piece as it is meant to be performed live, there are a lot of benefits:

  • Students learn rhythms quicker
  • They figure out where they were out of tune or had a wrong note sooner
  • They are able to learn their pieces at a much faster pace.

You will receive one recording at a slower tempo for learning purposes (with metronome speed provided) and one at performance tempo.

Please see below for pricing:

Recording of accompaniment part:

  • $20 for a piece from Suzuki Volume I and Volume II
  • $30 for a piece from Suzuki Volume III
  • $50 for a piece from Suzuki Volume IV
  • $60-$80 for non-Suzuki & more difficult pieces; based on difficulty

*Discounts are available if students would like to request recordings for multiple pieces; all desired pieces must be requested at the same time for discount to apply. We encourage students to request more than one piece at once. Please inquire at